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  1. 2008.12.10 The Direction or Proportion of my recent project

The Direction or Proportion of my recent project

그림들 2008. 12. 10. 14:20 posted by 긴정한

Taylor and Lombard St., 38" x 51", acrylic and oil on linen

I am interested in shapes on streets in San Francisco.  It is because I live in it, live it, and like it.  One thing I do not know is whether I live in it because I like it or I like it because I live in it although I am sure I live it because I like it.


My recent projects can be explained by two parts.


Part 1:  image on panel

Not only do I study each shape in its pure foam but also understand the relationships among the shapes when I draw them.  After drawing comes painting.  Painting allows me to add other dimensions to them such as light, air, emotion, etc.  Those processes happen on panels.


Part 2: Put panels all together

Panels have been designed to divide an image which is usually a photo of San Francisco. Panels are physical. They form spaces between them when arranged in a specific way, and gives me shadows which remind me of Korean traditional painting. 



Part 3(it is there because there are previous 2 steps and is more on consequence of 2 steps not really a separated part for instance the part 1 and the part 2.):All together

Contrary to panels paintings are illusions and more of western culture.  The contrast arising between panels and paintings are interesting as it makes an aura which is very independent from my intention. 

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